The Castle

According to documentation of that time that we keep and have compiled, the Castle
(Castell) of Biart was an enourmous fortress in the epoch;

Pere de Biart, his wife and his son Gasto V, they lived in it, that's where the name comes from “Castell de Biart”.

Destroyed by the Napoleonic invasions, it was left practically in ruins and for decades it was used for pastoring; later on vineyards were planted, as it is a suitable region for this tipe of cultivation.

Nowadays, they are rebuilding the fortress and they are trying to give its initial splendour back to its outer walls, its church, the prison, the great Place of Arms with its cannon of defense, the towers of defense, the library, the Town Hall or Councel, as to its subterranean cellars, all of it forming an enourmous monumental ensemble, a compulsory visit within the Great Wine Route of the Empordà.