Castell de Biart

The roots of the Castell de Biart cellar have to be found in the resolute initiative of a group of people that loves the EmpordÓ to the point of getting firmly involved in the continuity of a sectorial tradition, the wine-producing culture, of a good reputation in the region.

Castell de Biart relies on innovation from the respect to tradition to obtain an optimal quality. The result of so much attention converges in some white and red wines and also in a cava reserva, in limited production, which reach the consumer in excellent conditions to be tasted.

The Cellar

The wines Castell de  Biart are the result  of the confluence of rigour and affection doomed to the attainment of a noble product, together with the firm will to follow the instructions given by the guarantee of origin Empordà-Costa Brava, unquestionable seal that guarantees the required attributes ot the product.

The Castle

The cellar Castell de  Biart is located in a particular building that pretends to reafirm the respect and the affection towards the traditions of the region



A soil with broken stone of earthy-clay structure, adapted on a quaternary alluvial subsoil from the river Llobregat d'Empordà, is the main vitalizing source that feeds the vineyards of Castell de Biart.

Pla de Biart - Reserva 2001

Price: 9,83 €
Description : Deep coloured red wine. Intense nose, reminiscent of ripe fruit, spices and a slight touch of new wood. Meaty palate, explosion of very fine tannins completely integrated with the wine, a long and per...:
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